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DATUUM - founded in 1999 - is a professional data recovery organization serving corporations, IT professionals, small businesses and consumers across the country.

HDD Recovery Services understands this, and has the proven track record of success to ensure you get as much of your data back as possible, quickly and affordably. Don’t waste time with amateurs and risk them making a mistake with your data. Sending your hard drive to someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing could result in losing the contents of your hard drive forever. With over 20 of experience years in the business, repairing and restoring files from portable drives, memory cards, laptops and desktops, USBs, RAID arrays, and everything in between, HDD Recovery Services has seen and fixed it all.

DATUUM promises that our highly qualified engineers will successfully retrieve all data possible to recover. Occasionally, successful data retrieval requires engaging the assistance of an *industry affiliate.

Interestingly, people to start taking care of their data must first lose it.
- Marcello

Hard drive data recovery is the mainstream data recovery work. Searching for a company on the Internet is not always associated with finding the holy grail. Without proper awareness, it is impossible to find a good company that will be able to recover your data.

Searching for information indicates the type of damage that you have to take into account, more or less, because customers think in such categories when making inquiries. They can be divided into the following components:

logical failures:

logical failures:
raw disk data recovery
disk data recovery after format
data recovery from disk after deletion

mechanical damage:

data recovery from external drive

data recovery from a removable drive

data recovery from a damaged disk

data recovery from broken disk

hard disk crash recovery

data recovery from a flooded drive

electronic damage:

data recovery from burned disk

disk data recovery after overvoltage

data recovery after power failure

data recovery after damage to electronics



Data recovery from disk arrays.

We recover data from matrices like:

RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 10, RAID 50, RAID 60,

where the most frequent cases of data loss occur, and from all other unusual ones, such as RAID 2, RAID 3, RAID 4,

We work with all operating systems, recovering data from hardware and software configurations of RAID arrays.

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Data recovery promotion running until March. In May, a test version of the device for data recovery from hard drives and SSDs will be released. We hope to put them on sale by the end of the year.


specjalistic professional equipmentS

Our company is a designer of hardware solutions for data recovery from hard drives and SSDs as well as disk arrays. We have the most modern equipment to work with damaged media, both disks and flash media, as well as phones and smartphones. We are able to recover data in any case of their loss from any hardware configuration as well as from any file system.

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Our laboratories are equipped with laminar chambers with a cleanliness class of 100, providing conditions similar to the factory production of hard drives, thanks to which they are not exposed to damage during the replacement of internal components.

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component Database

In our database, we have over 80,000 donor disks needed to collect spare parts in order to recover data from mechanically damaged disks. The purpose of having such a large database of disks is the immediate possibility of processing orders in time-critical cases.

HDD Recovery

All system 

SSD Recovery

All producents

Smartphone Recovery

Any type of damage

RAID Recovery

Any type of configurations


disk Data recovery

Datuum is the brand of the largest company dealing in computer forensics and data recovery MiP Data & Forensic based in Warsaw and providing services throughout Europe. The company has the largest laboratory in Poland.

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